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How To Fix Life
  A Plea To Humanity   Fellow citizens of the world, as the fruit of our knowledge continues to bend the branches of nature in overbearing and dangerous ways, the tree of life is responding in ways that threaten the very existence of our modern civilization. Overpopulation, climate change, resource depletion, air & water pollution, soil degradation & desertification, are just a few of the extinction level threats that humanity must overcome if we are to survive as a species. ....more The Freedom of Usership   One of the most cherished foundations of freedom is the concept of property ownership rights. We have been taught that individual liberty is impossible without private property rights. This assertion is always framed by a comparison to communism, fascism or some other statism in which all property is owned or controlled by the government or a powerful ruling elite. It is based on the assumption that there are only two poles which limit our options, ...more  
  Income   In 2019, Canada's Gross Domestic Product (or GDP) was $2,310,712 million dollars (or just over $2.3 trillion dollars). GDP measures the total net value of all goods and services produced in Canada. The total number of hours worked in 2019, including both full-time and part-time work, was 32,502 million hours. If you add paid time-off to the hours worked you get a total of 36,205 million paid hours. ...more The Great Reset   As Covid brings the entire world economy to its knees, our masters, the 1%, the unelected majority shareholders of the world’s assets are launching their plan to impose the Great Reset on the rest of us whether we like it or not. We need to recognize that these egotistical billionaires and almighty technocrats are really psychopaths who have recklessly plundered the earth and all of the living things on it for generations. ...more  
  Paid Rest   Although the value of our time on Earth is equally priceless to us all, time alone cannot accurately measure the value of all work. The nature of the work itself must also be considered. Certainly, work that is extremely dangerous, which could seriously injure or shorten the life of the worker should earn a premium. Also work that is extremely difficult, stressful or unpleasant either physically, mentally or emotionally deserves a higher reward. ...more The Effect on Wealth   Nothing you currently own will be taken away from you. Your exclusive, private use of any assets that you have acquired will continue. If your assets are owned outright and unencumbered with debt, you will never be charged any depreciation fees for your ongoing use of them. Assets that are leased or financed which you continue to use will be subject to an annual depreciation fee but any equity that you have built up will not be lost. ...more  
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Effect on Prices   Initially, the price of everything will drop as interest and profit are removed from the economy. Then, prices will stabilize. Since prices will be determined entirely by labour hours, only a change in labour inputs could effect them. If natural resources become more difficult to find and process, prices would rise. If automation reduces the need for human labour, prices would fall. But all speculative, subjective pricing will be gone. ...more  
  Public Credit   All wealth is created by bringing human and natural resources together. If the necessary resources are available, and there is a demand for new wealth to be created, a lack of money should never be allowed to stand in the way of achieving the possible. Accepting the idea that a shortage of money is beneficial to society is just as foolish as believing that the world is flat. ...more Education   Natural intelligence, stimulated by education, enhances productivity and increases society's collective wealth. Knowledge is a public asset that is passed from one generation to the next. It is part of the collective cultural inheritance that rightly belongs to us all. Education should not only be free, it should be paid. Learning is hard work and students deserve to be rewarded accordingly. ...more  
  The Money Cage   With our current monetary system, all of the money in existence already belongs to someone. There is no way for individuals to create new money for themselves. Everyone must compete for a share of the existing money supply. Everyone must rely on a chosen few who have been given an exclusive right to create, control, and own, the nation's credit supply. ...more Jobs   The word “employ” actually means “to use” or “to use for a purpose” and that pretty well sums up what modern work has become. We are educated so that we can be used for some purpose. Sadly the common purpose we serve is to make our employers money. Our education system taught us to accept that it was right for others to use our lives to enrich their own. ...more  
  Equality   All life on Earth depends upon energy from the sun. Plants convert the sun's energy into matter. Other living things use the energy stored in plant matter to fuel and sustain their bodies. Life is a perpetual sharing of energy, an endless cycle of energy conversion... sunlight into matter and matter into energy. Even the sun itself is simply converting matter into energy. We are all parts of the same energy miracle, and the sum of us all is one.
Life For Rent   We are born, in this world, into a game that's already started. We arrive late... really late, for the game is nearly completed. As in Monopoly, all of the properties are owned and everywhere we land, rents must be paid. We have no choice ...these are the rules of the game. The game is not an option. There is no other way to survive. The land and the resources necessary for alternatives are gone. ...more  
  Financial Voting   We have allowed the level of taxation in this country to get completely out of control. Income and payroll taxes now expropriate 20% to 25% of the average worker's earnings. The HST grabs another 13%. Consumption taxes embedded into the prices of fuel, alcohol, tobacco, etc. plus property taxes, licenses and fees bring the total government take to between 40% and 50% of our income... and still they run a deficit and want. ...more Take Action   We've all been trapped inside the PIT (of Profit, Interest, Taxes) for so long, that it is almost impossible to imagine a world outside of it. But that world is waiting for us to discover it. Like an untouched wilderness, its existence does not depend upon our awareness of it. It already fully exists as a possibility, it just can't be seen from inside the PIT. All of the human and natural resources needed to achieve it are already there. ...more  
  International Trade   Canada is a trading nation. In 2019, Canada's exports totalled $737.5 billion. The world wants to buy our goods and services. This will not change simply because we switch to a new currency. The introduction of the Euro did not prevent any of the Euro countries from trading internationally. The disappearance of the German mark did not disrupt Germany's ability to trade. ...more Rebuilding the Garden   Our monetary & economic systems are a reflection of society's deeper problems. Avarice, self-interest and a desperate longing for superiority are our primary underlying problems. Our money system merely aids and abets these unhealthy desires and pathologies. Ego breeds inequality. Immorality nurtures domination and exploitation. Despite our intellectual advances, we remain emotional savages. ...more  
  Looking Backward   In 1887, Edward Bellamy wrote "Looking Backward",
a scathing critique of 19th Century capitalism, which captured the imagination of the nation and quickly became a best seller. In this famous fantasy, Julian West, a wealthy capitalist, falls into a deep, hypnotic sleep and awakens 113 years later (in the year 2000) to find that capitalism has been replaced with a far superior socio-economic order. ...more
Candidates Needed   Long before you and I were born, our natural birthright to a share of the earth’s land and resources had been taken away from us. When we arrived, all of the “natural kingdom” already belonged to someone else. We were taught that if we wanted a share of it we would have to work to earn the money to buy it. All other living things on this planet inherit a piece of the natural kingdom at birth. ... more  
Monetary Reform   Time is running out quickly on planet Earth. Our fragile egg is cracking. The labyrinth of lies and illusions that we believed in has ruptured and a lava of fear and greed is consuming us. The entire foundation of our economy and our value system is fatally flawed. ...more   Profit & Debt   The architects of our financial system invented the double- entry accounting system to ensure the perpetual need for debt. Making debt essential was the cage to ensnare humanity. Interest was the key that locked the cage door. ...more   A Better Way   Most people probably don't want to believe that it is impossible to fix Capitalism. It's too unsettling to accept that the very cornerstone of our society is cracked. It is much easier to believe that just a few bad eggs, occasionally get a little too greedy, and spoil it for the rest of us. ...more